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What is Dermapen Application? In which treatments it is used?

What is Dermapen Application?

In which treatments it is used?

In Dermapen application, micro-channels are opened on the skin with many needles vertically. With 90 degree pinning technique, it is much safer for the person to be treated since there is much less epidermal damage. The Dermapen automatic and vibrating needling technique reduces pain formation while increasing the amount of absorption of the products to be applied to the area, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. When combined with Dermapen, such as mesotherapy, PRP, laser, peeling, we can achieve more effective results than treatments.

Before applying Dermapen, the make-up residue on the skin is cleaned and the skin is disinfected. Dermapen device penetrates vertically into the skin through the microscopic needles to open microscopic channels on the skin, triggering the healing mechanisms of the skin. At this point, we can say that there is a decrease in fine lines, tightening and stretching of the skin, a decrease in acne and other spots (or completely disappearing) and collagen and elastin synthesis and increased blood circulation. Dermapen operation takes approximately 20-30 minutes. With this process, Dermapen is indispensable for skin tightness and elasticity;

It can be applied to areas such as the face, hand, neck, hair, acne, spot, rupture, cellulite and tissue loss on the body.