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Regenera Activa Application In Hair Treatment

Regenera Activa; It is a new method used to combat hair problems. In this method, the suspension of one’s own cells is used.

Regenera Activa Therapy is a safe and effective method used in hair problems. It is a single-session treatment.

Regenera Activa Therapy is FDA and CE approved.

This method is very comfortable and can be performed using local anaesthesia in clinics. Immediately after applying, the person can return to daily activity.

It is completely natural and has no harmful effect. In this method, which uses the own cells of the quiche, the existing hair density is improved and new hair follicles are grown.

It can also be used during hair transplantation, so that the healing time is faster and achieves effective results in a very short time.

Treatment with Regenera Activa is practicable both on men and women and is an effective treatment method for both.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Many causes such as genetic predisposition, stress, thyroid diseases, chronic illnesses, iron deficiency, some drugs used, poor quality nutrition and poor quality products trigger hair loss.

What are the Benefits?

Preserves the existing hair,

Thickens and strengthens weak hair,

Thickens the feathery hairs to help create a dense image.

It activates the inactive hair cells that are deep under the skin and allows them to come out again.

It is applied before hair planting, during hair planting or after some time after planting to increase hair planting success.

How is it applied?

Using the punch biopsy tissue, the cells are combined with a special solution and the hair is injected through the skin. The process takes an average of 1 hour.

When will the results be seen?

The duration of the outcome varies from person to person. However, it usually starts to appear after 3 to 4 months. The visual effect is shown after 6 months.