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PRP (Thrombocyte Rich Plasma)

PRP is an abbreviated name of treatment method called “platelet enriched plasma” treatment. This practice is based on the return of one person’s blood to the same individual by injection after the platelet has been separated.

Platelets – or thrombocytes – are blood cells that hold the “growth factors” necessary to restore repair and restore the damaged tissues in our bodies. When any damage occurs to our tissues, our blood collects the platelets and initiates a repair process. The purpose of the PRP application is to deliver a greater number of platelets than can be transported to the target tissue through the bloodstream. Thus, repair of damaged tissue begins and quickly starts so quickly and quickly because the density of platelets obtained by PRP is 3 to 5 times higher than that of blood.

The ageing of our skin is caused by the fact that it loses some physical properties like the same injury process. For this reason, we imitate various ways of practising what we do when our bodies are healing an injury in practice for rejuvenating our skin.

The PRP application is “autologous”, meaning that the platelets used are taken from the patient itself, as well as the removal of blood, the separation of platelets is done with a sterile, closed kit, meaning, there is no risk of infection from outside.

A total of approximately 30 minutes of application. It is applied easily and painlessly.

Immediately after application, a healthy glow appears on the skin. Afterwards, this shiny appearance will be somewhat regressive, but after 3 or 4 applications a permanent effect becomes apparent.