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Permanent makeup

The micropigmentation application is the beauty secret of those who pay attention to the aesthetic appearance and ideal choice of those who say “I have no time to make up” or “I am too lazy to do this makeup every day”. Permanent makeup is a method that is often applied to eyebrow, eyelash and lip areas but can be applied to many other areas as well. This is accomplished by injecting the pigments that fit the colour tone of the region just below the skin. It is an application based on the desire of the permanent solution for the people who have amorphous eyebrows, scattered or underdeveloped, or whose eyebrows are very fast. First, the pigment that matches skin colour and hair colour is identified. This provides the most natural image. The process begins after the appropriate pigment is applied to the device, which is called the application pin or pen. It starts from the front of the eyebrows and is applied uniformly to the last extension point. This application continues until the end of the brow. If both eyebrows are equal to each other, the procedure is considered to be finished until the last application to be performed after two weeks. After two weeks, the application is repeated again, both to check that the color tone matches, and to fix the permanence by going over the colour if there is a possible colour change. The permanent eyebrow makeup does not last forever like other permanent makeups. After three, six or nine months, depending on the quality of the applied application, it gradually wipes off or starts to fade. For a long lasting makeup, a makeup is given by a make-up specialist and this make-up is applied to the eyebrows for about 2 weeks. Just like eyebrow makeup, permanent eyeliner and dipliner application is done. In permanent make-up applications, eyeliner and dipliner make-up is a process that requires more attention and care. Eyeliner application is done on the desired thinness and length from the full eyelash bottom. You can apply any color you want in permanent eyeliner makeup. Although black colour is generally preferred, brown and dark blue eyeliner are among the other preferred colours. Permanent eyeliner makeup is also very practical for those who are new to makeup and have difficulty in riding eyeliner. Of course, our lips are an important part of our face. Unlike permanent makeup, eyebrow and eyeliner makeup applied to lips, it has more colour options. Despite desiring to approach the natural shades of the dips, you can apply many different color options, from dusty rose to purple, in accordance with your lipstick colours, which are trendy as you wish. Generally, preferred colours are rose, pink nude colours and red. This make-up application, starting from the lip line to the inside of the lips, also gives the lips fullness at the same time. Make your choice right and trust our experts.


Microblading advanced eyebrow and hair reconstruction 3D hair technique applied to the eyebrows and hair by manual method semi-permanent, eyebrow and hair condensation, effect and shape art comes out as a virtual art. This application, which is used for hair that is thin or bold and hair transplantation cannot be made, can be applied with a specially developed device and special effects to the places where hair problems are experienced with tiny effects. This process; those who have hair loss, those who are not available for hair transplantation, those who are in diluted areas, those who have had hair transplantation and do not get the desired yield. The application is applied to areas with hair and/or eyebrows, but rarely, and it is the last. The sterilized and disposable needle is placed underneath the skin surface with natural and mineral colours. It is non-allergic, specially produced for skin and especially for face and body use and does not contain any additives. The result of the microblading application is indistinguishable from real. With this technique applied, a natural hair image is given. This technique should be done with the pigments being prepared for the Microblading application. In applications with Cigarette, a permanent makeup device is placed on the pigmented skin. In microblading, the situation is very different from the permanent make-up because of the manual application. Pigments and dye materials used in microblading are eventually destroyed by the physiological function of the cells. The cell takes in and destroys the pigment. Microbrading will disappear in 2-5 years, but this depends on the type of skin, some of the pigments on the skin may not disappear completely, and maybe slightly obscured. Since the paints used are organic, there is no threat to human health. Reconstruction is a process with regard to the golden ratio, but the construction of the muscles at the face is not even possible with surgical methods. With the method to be implemented, the closest symmetry possible must be applied, the results of which the persons who are to be met must be compensated or unhappy must be prevented from the beginning. Our team has been created with the most professions in this regard to make you always happy.